What is Marketing

Marketing is a discipline of experience

Marketing is not an exact science. It is a discipline of experience.

When marketing a product or service a marketing professional will recommend a strategy (goal) and certain tactics (actions) to achieve the desired results. The activities/tactics when performed will generally lead to the desired results - most of the time -not all the time.

Then what goes wrong?

There are often variables that impede the success of a marketing strategy and the tactics. It is like having a parade when it is raining. The parade was not successful because of the advertising but because of the weather.

That is why marketing is about experience and making the connection from what works, understanding why and then applying this to something new.

Because marketing is not an exact science people think they can do their own marketing. If they want to sell a product they simply create an ad and very often they do not get the results they wanted. It was not the strategy that went wrong (create an ad) but the tactics on the ad itself. A poorly done ad with no lure and call to action, poorly written or a hundred other reasons.  This is where experience comes in and why you need to hire a marketing professional. They have learned from experience. They know what makes a good ad and what works well and what doesn’t.

Here is an algology of what I have been saying.

Let’s say that you want your son or daughter to become successful and so you send them to a University. That's the strategy. But they are not getting good grades and so you analyze what is going on and find out that they are skipping class and not studying. You then come up with some actions(tactics) that you want them to take that will help them get better grades if they do them.

We tell the student:

  • Ask questions in class.
  • Read the chapters before class.
  • Turn off music and other distractions.
  • Find a quiet place to study.
  • Take notes in class
  • If they need more help you hire a tutor.

In general if a student does these things they will get better grades. They might not get the grades that you want, but generally better than not doing any of these things.

In summary, a professional marketer will suggest a strategy and a series of tactics that will achieve your marketing goals. As long as external variables (weather) do not affect the tactics, you will be closer to achieving your goals. A great marketing professional will anticipate these variables and have contingency plans in place.

Yes everyone can run a contest, do an ad, create a brochure and design a website. But not everyone is educated in marketing or has the experience to do it better.

Ask yourself if you want 50% or 60% results or do you want to be 90% to 99% effective?

Then hire a marketing professional !

This article was written by Marketing Constructs Inc. www.marketingconstructs.com



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