Small Businesses Marketing Problems

Do Small Businesses and Big Businesses Have the Same Marketing Problems?

The short answer is yes.

It is not the size of the business that matters in a marketing problem, it is the scale of the problem in terms of size and numbers. Both businesses need customers, earn revenue and sell products and services. The numbers of customers and amount of sales will be more for a bigger company but the strategies to get those customers will be the same.

Then what is different?

What then differentiates a big business from a small business is the execution of those strategies. Let’s say that the big business and small business have a new product they want to tell their customers so they can get them to buy it. They both decided on a direct mail campaign. The small business has on file maybe 100 customers but the big business has 100,000. The small business can efficiently mail them in their own office with staff and likely within a day. The big business would not. They would either have their own direct marketing department or outsource to a direct marketing company or ad agency. The same strategy will be applied but with different execution.

Why does it matter that small businesses and big businesses have the same marketing problems?

What matters is that if the small business and big business have the same marketing problems then they also share the same marketing solutions. A big business will spend a lot of money finding marketing solutions to their marketing problems but a small business doesn’t have the same budget. A large corporation can have hundreds of people in their marketing departments but for the small business it may just be the store owner or the financial planner.

Here is the “what if?”

If the small business doesn’t have the money to spend on finding marketing solutions then what if a small business had access to the same marketing solutions that the big businesses have? The answer is they’d have the marketing solutions to their marketing problems.

But how does a small business get access to big business marketing solutions?

The short answer is that they find a company that specializes in solving small business marketing problems using big business marketing solutions. Marketing Constructs does just that. They have experience designing, creating and implementing marketing solutions for some of the largest and most successful companies such as General Electric, TD Canada Trust and OLG.

These companies are very successful and their solutions work. Marketing Constructs takes solutions that will work and scales them back to fit the small business need. This save a small business a lot of money. It allows them to spend their money solving their marketing problems and not on finding marketing solutions.

How much does it cost?

Marketing Constructs offers a complimentary 30 minute consultation. Most small business get the solutions they need from this consolation. Some can take those solutions and use them without obligation. Others might need help implementing them and that is where Marketing Constructs comes in. They help a business do what they can’t do, or want to do better.


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