Marketing Promotion Strategies

Marketing Promotion Strategies 


Promotion Concepts

Here are some marketing promotion strategies to stimulate creativity. Call us to learn more about any of these. Many of these work for the highly competitive gaming industry, but can easily be adapted to small business. Most of these promotions have brought in well over 1000% ROI.


Lottery Scratch Club

Based on premise of leveraging potential for some serious cash for nothing other than showing up. Biased towards seniors that love to play lottery and to attract repeat visits for younger audiences when there are jackpot alerts. Call us to learn more.

Random acts of kindness.

Small trinket gifts given out randomly to enhance customer experience. Proactive, rather than reactive to poor service. Call us to learn more, we give out ice scrapers when it snows, rain bonnets if it rains, small chocolates, lottery cards etc.

Value added supplier days

Nestle capachino cart, Cereal giveaways. Gift of the week. The representative can give away samples like you get when you leave a movie theatre.

Gift of week.

Customers use their loyalty card and receive a small gift item of the week such as key chains, ice scrapers, fridge magnets, food samples, lottery tickets, cake etc.

Spin and win.

Customers bring in the random figures from the coupon and spin to win with the third symbol on the spin wheel. 

Collect to win.

Random collector cards are handed out. Customers collect each week and strive to win a combination. As they redeem them for prizes, points, meals etc. Jokers are wild cards.



Work to a cruise, trip or car. Along way there are smaller incentives to win as they go. Spin to win miles each day/week. Pick up and scratch at random. Ticket also becomes a draw. Collect parts of tickets, spell out name or something.

Floating hot seat.

Customers come in and obtain a number. Numbers are called on the floor and where they are, any machine, they can win. Press the service light. Slot attendant can give cash on the spot. Potentially, have higher chances of winning each hour. Encourage longer stay. Swipe to get ticket/number.

Trip to London England from London Ontario

Anniversary promotion which takes a busload of players to London. Park a double decker bus outside site. Players win eligibility by play and stay. Done months in advance to generate revenue.

Spending Spree

Promotion linked to winning time on the $5 slots. Play as long as you have won time for. Like a spending spree. Players would love to have 5 minutes of unlimited play on the high machines. Only win what you win during play.

Spare change to cash

A special coin sorting and counting machines takes loose change and counts it and give a receipt that players can convert into token. Rejuvenate interest and see a way out of the political aspects.

Win $1,000,000

You can buy insurance on the chances of winning a million dollars. No guarantee of a winner, but a big payoff.

Scratch and win

Mailed out or bring in type scratch and win cards for prizes and gift. Drives traffic.

Weekly draw

Weekly raffles for a small prize displayed in lobby around a frame-display. Each week players can visit for chances to win another prize. Keeps consistency and small value added interest.


Other Casino Gaming Promotional Ideas


VIP Golf carts for players to be shuttled to cars. Adds an element of upscale prestige.

 Shuttle bus between major hotels in the city to the site. Potentially negotiate a bus drop off at our site with London Transit.

 Winner’s Wall for displaying winners in lobby to generate interest and that the slots are paying off.

 Camera film backdrop. Like the Niagara Fall trip, we buy a camera system to better display to players that win and for fun and events.

 Player parties each month for high value players. Even consider the possibility of a player lounge where top players can go to relax, listen to entertainment, make calls, get refreshments – like a first class lounge with Air Canada.

 Big screen TV set in bar where satellite TV can simulcast movies and sports events.

 Plasma TV to present promotions and advertise site features.

 Readerboard where we can place in Winner’s Circle to announce things. Located overhead of the Winner’s Circle. Players can read while waiting.

 Live entertainment in the bar each weekend. A small act to give a look and feel the site is alive. Potentially jugglers and other acts in the lobby as players enter to provide entertainment value and casino look and feel.

 Thursday night tribute bands lounge for players and guest.

 Late night midnight munchies and pizza past midnight every night every day. Tap into bar crowd late night crowds from evening shifts at the plant, after horseracing.

 Early morning buffet breakfast.

 Poker slot tournament using video machines.

 Hotel tent cards and token vouchers