How To Sell

People buy benefits and not features. A benefit is something that they value and we all value things differently. You may like beer and I may like wine. If you give me 25% off the price of beer, I may not value that offer.

Whenever you can take a product or service and speak to your customers in terms of benefits and not features you immediately increase your chances of making a sale. The difficulty is most sales people find it hard to speak in terms of benefits.

Even if you don’t know what I value, if you speak benefits, there is a good chance you can capture more of my interest. The bigger your audience the more sales you should obtain.

I will give an analogy to show the difference between a feature and a benefit.

If I can take 15 minutes of your time I will show you a banking product that is called a line of credit. It has a fixed interest rate, comes with cheque or a card and it charges interest only on the outstanding balance.

Do I have your interest? Maybe. That’s because those are features of the product. It’s how it was set up.

Now look at how we sell the benefits.

For only 15 minutes of your time I can give you peace of mind for life at no cost to you ever if you don’t need it but it will always be there. It’s called a line of credit and you can have access to money at any time by cheque or card if ever you needed cash for an emergency, a death in the family, a trip you have to make. You get the amount you want once approved and if you don’t use it, it won’t cost you a cent. You’ll never have to go and sit in front of a loan officer asking for money to help you out in the emergency.

Do I have your interest now? Maybe more.

What is different? One talks to features which are dry descriptions of what the product is. The other touches emotions and life experiences where benefits arise and where people value things.

So in any sale that you do when you mention a product feature, do not mention that feature unless you can state what the benefit is.

If you need help with describing your product or services in terms of benefits instead of features, contact Marketing Constructs Inc. and we can show you how.


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