How To Delegate

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How TO Delegate Better

When a small business looks at the productivity of their employees they often wonder how they can get more work done. Small businesses are just like big businesses with plenty of work to do but somehow not all of it gets done. It isn’t that the employees are not working hard. It is often because the basics of “delegation” is not being done by the managers.

We can learn how to delegate better by looking at how you get a fire started.

In order to light a fire you need to have three components. You need to have oxygen, fuel and heat. Leave out any one of these three and you won’t have a fire.

In business delegation is no different. You need to have three components for work to get done. You need to have the “who” is going to do “what” by “when”. Just like fire if you leave out any one of these three then work may not get done.

Let’s look at each.

If you tell a group of employees that you want something done, then many of the employees will assume someone else will do the work. Employees are not always willing to take on extra work and not everyone will step up to the plate to volunteer to do it. Make sure that you have singular accountability so that you, and everyone else, knows “who” is doing the work.

If you do not clearly define the “what” it is that you want done then you risk not getting what you wanted. It will not matter if what you get back from an employee was on time if it is not what you wanted in the first place. Spend the time to clearly define what you want.

if you do not clearly state “when” you want something it is very likely it will not get done on time. People will procrastinate, other priorities will take over, or the date will just slide to when there is time to do things. You need to set a deadline and clearly communicate that and follow up on the progress. The more important the work is the more you have to have check points to check in.

Your ability to delegate more effectively will help you get more work done. You have heard the expression lighting a fire under someone @#$. Then remember delegation is like lighting a fire.

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