Small Business Marketing

Marketing Constructs is for the small business owner who lacks the key
marketing knowledge or skills and needs help with their marketing.

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Marketing Constructs has more than 25 years marketing experience helping make General Electric, TD Canada Trust and OLG successful. We specialize in providing small businesses the same proven marketing solutions that these companies use.  

We work with a variety of small business owners. Like you, they lack the time, resources or key marketing knowledge and need a marketing plan to increase their sales and leads to be more successful. 

We will discuss your marketing concerns and give advice on what marketing solutions will meet your needs. Our solutions are designed to help you get the most out of your marketing spend. We will give you a complete assessment. There are often many no-cost options that you might not be taking advantage of and you won't know about those unless you connect with us under no obligation. Our goal is to make you successful. That is how businesses make good customers.

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We have experience delivering creative and innovative marketing programs, promotions and solutions for successful companies such as General Electric, TD Canada Trust and OLG. 

Contact us to see what we did to help make these companies successful and what we can do for you.